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We Solve Problems & Create Opportunity using SEO & Digital Marketing – We Rank Local Business in Google Search & Maps

Looking for SEO Services & Digital Marketing Expertise in Wilmington, NC?  At LinkJuce, we dedicate ourselves to online success through Ranking Websites, Google My Business Listings and Videos.

Winning the top spot on Google Page Search can be a difficult and complex task (if tackled alone) that requires tremendous work with SEO, Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Youtube SEO, and Google My Business optimisation. This is where LinkJuce can be valuable to you in automating tedious tasks and doing a lot of the heavy lifting while delivering tangible improvement in  Search Engine Value & Google Page Rank.

If you are asking, “How can I get my Google My Business Listing on Page 1 or better than my competitors ranking?” or thinking “I’ve spent a bunch of money on Pay Per Click Advertising, with a poor ROI” then LinkJuce Digital Marketing Wilmington NC can help solve your problems and create new opportunities. That’s what we do!

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Performance SEO & Digital Marketing

We are more than just Google Page Ranking experts. Our skill sets cover Sales & Marketing, Brand Strategy and Product Development.

Digital Marketing Agency

We begin with a thorough competitive analysis allowing us to identify opportunities for success with a Digital Marketing Plan. Progress in Google Page Ranking is incremental and achieveable with a well-found strategy. We not only look at your site and web presence but it is also of utmost importance to review your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

GMB - Google My Business Listing

If you have a business then you definitely want a GMB or Google My Business listing. But not just any listing! The ideal place to be is in the top 3 spots known as “the snack pack”. That is where the customers start buying your products and services. As so many people are searching from their mobile devices these days, they rarely choose the “more listing” option. We get results.

Video Marketing YouTube

Video is now booming and you are 50 times more likely to rank organically using video than traditional text content, and by 2019, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, 85% of online traffic in the US. Now is the time to take advantage of opportunities for your company with Video Marketing. Start boosting your Ranking with Online Video Promotions.

Internet Marketing Company

We are experts in building traffic and converting leads to sales. We are in a position to improve what you already have or help build your online reputation for future expansion. Most online experiences start with Search Engines and we understand the importance of consistent and natural page ranking. Our experience and Specialty Digital Marketing Focus ensures results. 

Social Media Marketing

With a number as high as 80% of adults having at least 1 social media account it is imperative that most businesses consider Social Media Marketing as part of their online strategy. More and more buyers of goods and services are finding companies online. We can help kickstart your Social  Media Appeal targeting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest just to name a few.

SEO Strategy & Branding

At LinkJuce we have years of experience in Sales and Marketing drilling down on target markets and customers. We can offer you that but perhaps you have your own in-house Marketing Team in which case we can append your resources with Expert online ranking skills. What we offer requires very specific training and tools that most companies do not have access to or the time to master. 

Stuck On Page 2 or Worse?

LinkJuce specializes in Google Page Ranking – YouTube Video Ranking – GMB Placement. If you want to improve your position in Search Results, contact us.

Competitors try to dominate Your Market by taking customers using  google search page ranking

We Create Opportunity and Solve Problems with Digital Marketing

What is Link Juice?

LinkJuce is an SEO term that describes the Power and Authority that is passed from one website to another. We achieve this by building links with domains having Search Engine Value. The work that we do will help you dominate your Market Niche by helping Search Engines view your website and pages as valuable and worth promoting.

What is Link Juice Strategy?

A LinkJuce Marketing Strategy is a plan that will help buyers find your website through Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS. Successful LinkJucing includes on-page SEO content with intent-based keywords, GMB Optimisation, Backlink Building, Video Optimisation all of which inbound links from other websites.

How does Link Juice work?

LinkJuce works mostly by optimizing your web pages, extensive keyword research, generating inbound links and backlinks from High Authority Domains. Depending on the level of competition for your Niche and Keywords results can range from immediate to a few months. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which are methodical steps of optimizing your website to win traffic from the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. We help people who are in the market to buy your goods or service to find your business first. That is what we do.

How Much does SEO cost?

Pricing for SEO work varies greatly. At LinkJuce we understand the importance of giving you value, and whilst we can not predict the future, we do know you will benefit financially from using our service. We have to be able to demonstrate our worth and we are confident you will be pleased not only with the results but with the value of our work.

How Long does it take to see results?

Every campaign is different and depends on the competition level for the keywords you are trying to rank for. Typically, you should start seeing some results within a couple of weeks. More complex and competitive niches and keyword ranking may take up to 2-3 months.

Let’s Do Something Your Competitor has never done before!


We are a competitive company that is focused on results – your increased sales and improved profits. We exist solely to improve your business standing with these metrics in mind. Yes, there are other factors to be considered, we understand that, however at the end of the day you just want results. LinkJuce can deliver the results agreed to.


Growth Opportunity



Leading Technology


We are just like you. We work constantly to improve our performance by evaluating first hand the latest tools and technology to deploy and earns results. We do not bother with gimmicky get rich quick schemes that are rampant in our industry. We want results mostly, that is true, but we use methods that build not only revenue but longevity for your brand.


Let's Work Together!

We are pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and how our skills can be paired to help grow your business.

When I was searching Google for a Digital Marketing Company near me the first name that popped up was LinkJuce

Casey Rodeo

I needed help with my Social Media Marketing and my Google My Business listing. LinkJuce helped!

Kelly White

I was struggling with Internet Marketing and Page Ranking and asked these guys for help. Glad I did!

Dino Mahoney

Wilmington, North Carolina

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Wilmington North Carolina has been booming over the past years with new construction of Hotels and The Wilmington Convention Center, driving an influx of new residents and students for work and play. UNCW has expanded significantly with facilities and curriculum offering world-class tertiary academic and physical science education. Visitors to the Port City have lots of activities to choose from including the Battleship USS North Carolina, Arlie Gardens, Bellamy Mansion Museum and Cape Fear Museum of History. Wilmington is famous for our film industry and it is quite common to see a film production in the downtown area. You may even be able to sign on as an extra in an upcoming movie or enjoy the annual Cucalorus Film Festival. Perhaps you would be interested in a stroll along the boardwalk by the Cape Fear River or fine dining at one of the many highly rated restaurants. Just a short jaunt from downtown is Wrightsville Beach offering an abundance of accommodation and water sport activities. When planning your next trip to Wilmington check the local calendars for upcoming annual events such as the Bluegrass Festival, Azalea Festival, Rims On The River and The Garden Party festivities. We hope to see you by the Cape Fear River this coming July 4th for the best fireworks display in Eastern North Carolina.


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 Here at LinkJuce we offer more than just SEO and Google Page Rank. We are fully involved to the extent you want, including Brand Strategy, Sales & Marketing and Product Development.

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